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Ohio diving

This story is about diving in Ohio and about one man determined to document what the Ohio quarries have to offer to scuba divers.

Map of Ohio highlighting Franklin County
Map of Ohio highlighting Franklin County where Hilliard is located (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Source: www.discpatch.com

Hilliard man photographs quarries underwater

Hilliard scuba enthusiast documents beauty of Ohio quarries with photos shot underwater

Never mind that the droplets on his beard froze almost instantly as his face popped through a rectangular opening in the ice at Circleville Twin Quarries.

Mark Thomas, an avid scuba diver, didn’t seem to notice the ice chunks clinking against his oxygen tank — or the 30-degree temperature, for that matter.

He was too busy snapping photographs of the wintry scene around him and recalling a sight he had just witnessed underwater.

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Scuba divers go under the ice

Ice diving.
Ice diving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Underwater Herald has earlier brought you a story about How ice prevented the traditional New Year’s dive at Michigan.  Now, here is an equally icy story from Quad Cities. In this story, however, it the ice that makes the diver happy and excited.

Source: qctimes.com

The scariest part of scuba diving under ice for Joe Collins of Eldridge is knowing there’s a ceiling 9 inches thick above you.

“You just can’t go up,” Collins said Saturday.

He spent 17 minutes in water that was 36 degrees. Afterwards, he climbed out, where the air was crisp and the temperature was in the teens.

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Diving Holidays: Florida Keys

Have you ever dreamed of going to Florida Keys to dive? Here is an account of what to expect.

The Florida Keys
The Florida Keys (Photo credit: emilio labrador)
Source: laurasglobetrotting.com

Scuba Diving and Camping in Key Largo

Palm trees, ship wrecks, and seafood galore are just a few of the things that describe the Florida Keys. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, this 120-mile long island chain is home to the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States and the third largest barrier reef in the world. As if this wasn’t enough, the Keys are also home to the Florida Keys shipwreck trail and dozens of dive shops.

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