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Scuba cartoons – Add a chuckle to your dive

Almost everybody loves to read a good cartoon and they are almost guaranteed to bring a smile on your face when you read them.

It is not often, however, that we come across cartoons about scuba diving. This is why Underwater Herald decided to take a dive — pun intended — into world of scuba cartoons.

It came as a bit of a surprise that there seems to be scuba cartoonist above others. Majority of scuba cartoons we found online came from one man, Jerry King.

Jerry King is a highly productive artists, who lives in South-East Ohio, USA. Scuba cartoons are just a small part of his portfolio. The National Cartoonist Society Magazine awarded him the Gag Cartoon Award in 2001 and has since been nominated for other awards as well.

Enough talk. It is time for some scuba chuckles!
Here are links to some of the funnies scuba cartoon sites we found:

You may also want to visit Jerry King’s online portfolio to see his cartoons on other topics besides scuba diving.

If you have your own favorite scuba cartoonist and would like to share their name, please do so in the comments.

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Ohio diving

This story is about diving in Ohio and about one man determined to document what the Ohio quarries have to offer to scuba divers.

Map of Ohio highlighting Franklin County
Map of Ohio highlighting Franklin County where Hilliard is located (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Source: www.discpatch.com

Hilliard man photographs quarries underwater

Hilliard scuba enthusiast documents beauty of Ohio quarries with photos shot underwater

Never mind that the droplets on his beard froze almost instantly as his face popped through a rectangular opening in the ice at Circleville Twin Quarries.

Mark Thomas, an avid scuba diver, didn’t seem to notice the ice chunks clinking against his oxygen tank — or the 30-degree temperature, for that matter.

He was too busy snapping photographs of the wintry scene around him and recalling a sight he had just witnessed underwater.

Read the full article at www.dispatch.com.

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