Goa University — curriculum with scuba

You can take courses in scuba diving in most countries but rarely in a university.  It is even more rare that a governmental university would offer such courses.

Goa University in India is a refreshing exception to the rule. Goa university became the first governmental institutes in India to offer scuba diving courses when they were added to their marine biotechnology curriculum in 2011.

Goa University
Goa University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The course was first organized for the faculty of marine biotechnology.  Since then it has been opened students even from other departments. The participants passing the course receive Scuba Schools International (SSI) certification.

The participants also receive academic credits. There are a few other countries such as United States where scuba diving is a recognized part of academic curriculum in some universities and colleges.

Let us hope that the example set by Goa University is soon followed by others in India and elsewhere.

May 18, 2014: Updated the title of the story for improved clarity

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