Scuba Diving Racha Yai

This highly personal account from Racha Yai, Thailand captures the thrill and excitement of scuba diving at its best


One thing I was excited to do in Thailand was go scuba diving! It’s not very often that I get to scuba dive and I had heard that Thailand was one of the top places in the world to do it. I told everyone in the group to get certified before our trip so we could all go. Regardless of what any of them did… I was going. Daniel was the only one that ended up getting certified before we left so we were both pumped to go! Ellis ended up coming with us and doing “Discover Scuba” which is a crash course on scuba diving and you stay with your own Dive Master the whole time (which is why he isn’t in many of our pictures. It ended up being a little rainy while we were there, but we were still able to go. We were pumped!

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What Scuba Has Taught Me

Here are some deep thoughts about scuba diving coming from Gold Coast.

Gold Coast by air. Photo credit: By Syed Abdul Khaliq from Shah Alam, Malaysia [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Gold Coast by air.
Photo credit: By Syed Abdul Khaliq from Shah Alam, Malaysia [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Scuba diving is undoubtedly my favorite activity in the entire world. Words can’t describe the feeling of being submerged completely underwater for an hour or so and only hearing the sound of your breathing. It is the most peaceful and beautiful thing one can ever do, I think. If I could get paid a normal salary to be a scuba instructor I would have already become one. My love for the ocean is overwhelming, especially after being in Australia for a whole semester now. On one of my most recent dives in the Great Barrier Reef I began to think about how many life lessons scuba diving has taught me. Here are only a few.

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Guy Harvey Recruiting Top Caribbean and US Diver Operators

The Underwater Herald will occasionally post also business news related scuba and diving industry. This is the first one of them.

Guy Harvey, the centerpiece of the story, sounds like an interesting person. It would be interesting to know more about him and his background in the industry: Feel free to add your comments to this story.


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — With his Marine Corps training, scuba diving legend Neal Watson knows a thing or two about taking a beachhead and securing a landing zone. As the newly appointed Director of Dive Operations for Guy Harvey Outpost, Watson is the company’s new commander in its bid to plant Outpost dive flags on beachfronts throughout Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean. Like the Marine Corps slogan “the few, the proud”, Watson will be extending an invitation to a pre-selected group of the region’s top dive operations to enlist as Expedition Dive Outfitters of Guy Harvey Outpost, the rapidly expanding lodging company of Guy Harvey and his partners Mark Ellert, Bill Shedd and Charles Forman.

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