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Curious seal helps in mask clearing

Here is a heartwarming video about a seal that is curious to learn more about how to clear the mask…

Apparently the video takes place in North Sea.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Ben Burville. It would be interesting to know if  Ben himself appears on the video.  If you have the answer, please leave a comment.

This is not the only close encounter with a seal reported in Underwater Herald. Few months ago we wrote about the boy and the seal.

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The boy and the seal

Here is a heart warming scuba diving story that is going viral.

Jamie Gallacher, a 15-year-old boy, was diving near the Calf of Man, which is located next to Isle of Man this August. This was his first dive from a boat.

He and the instructor,Michelle Haywood, had just started the dive when a gray seal appeared starting to tug on their fins. The seal turned out to be incredibly playful and, according to Jamie “just like a big puppy”.

The whole encounter lasted some 40 minutes and was capture on video by the instructor.  Now the story and the accompanying video has captured the hearts of many on Internet.

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